Well, folks. The cat’s out of the bag. I am incredibly happy to announce that I worked on Skyrim Special Edition for PS4/XB1/PC during my QA internship at Bethesda Softworks earlier this year!


Words fail to describe how elated I am to see my name associated with such a treasured and revered RPG franchise I’ve had the pleasure to grow up with. I remember being offered a copy of Oblivion by my parents following a nasty car accident I got caught in back in ’08. I didn’t know what to expect out of it, honestly, other than the fact that it was a sandbox title. But as soon as I emerged from the Imperial sewers, my love of all things Bethesda was born.

These past eight years have been an incredible journey for me from a gamer’s perspective, and the fact that I got to work on this latest iteration of Bethesda’s seminal RPG franchise is one that I’ll never forget as a game developer. As my first professional game project, Skyrim Special Edition has proven to be a fantastic learning experience that taught me the basics and intricacies of game development with a hands on approach.

Have fun trekking through the Nordic wilderness once more! I sincerely hope you enjoy it!